Welcome to Pastoral Maya

XII National Maya Conference 20113

Pastoral Maya began in the mid-1990s from the efforts of Maya immigrants, and with funding and support from the Office of Pastoral Care of Migrants and Refugees of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. One of the major activities of Pastoral maya is holding educational and organizational conferences. The organizational style of the conferences has been to bring together Maya leaders from across the United States to engage in inspirational discussions and workshops, resulting in ideas and strategies to take home to their communities. Conferences included discussions on the urgency of education, the desire to maintain important aspects of Maya culture and spirituality, health and safety, and the needs of the communities and families still in Guatemala. Discussion included matters of human rights and legal rights. Approximately 40 communities are associated with Pastoral Maya, each community connected with the Pastoral Maya National Board of Directors, and each community with its local leadership. The recognized spiritual leader of Pastoral Maya is Father David Lopez of Guatemala, and the Conference of Catholic Bishops continues to support Pastoral Maya programs.

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